Super Face Shield

Super Face Shield


  • Hospital
  • Dental clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Industries
  • Construction works

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This face shield protects against molten metal splashes and hot solids projections. Superior front and side face protection. Ratchet adjustment for comfort fit. Replacement visor available (PW99).This Face mask with visor is widely used in dental clinics, hospitals, labs, industries, etc. For this product, the thickness of each layer is thicker than common mask, and the clear visor has a high light transmission, it can protect you far from cross-infection efficiently and let you see more clearly. Our Store has positively expanded its business by selling superior-quality HSE Tools/equipment and cutting edge technology. Our team always conduct a chain of quality examination on every product we sell, so as to stay clear of error and product damage. We comply with the worldwide standard, we offer the complete range of face shield. General Description: Durable full-face length safety shield, fog-resistant encloses a wide area of the face ear-to-ear.


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