Royal 1.8l Electric Kettle- Rpek-1803rb

Royal 1.8l Electric Kettle- Rpek-1803rb


The Royal Electric Kettle is an essential kitchen appliance that offers you quick hot water for various purpose. The plastic finishing kettle offers you hot water every day and its simple design is just perfect for your kitchen as it comes with high speed boil for you to have hot bathing water, morning tea or coffee, cereals and other usage. Cleaning the kettle is so easy and the material use in making it is of quality, therefore it last long and does not rust. The automatic switch off feature switches the kettle off when the water is completely boiled for you to make hot beverages and cereals for breakfast.

Royal Electric Kettle comes with a heating element that ensures you with clean hot water for the household as quickly as possible. Now you will be able to have hot water to make breakfast for the family, or if you are a student at the hostel or bachelor, the handy and easy to operate appliance is ideal to have; all you need do is plug to a wall outlet. It is big enough to take in much water and the red strix switch control lets you know it is boil by switching off itself. It is ideal for your kitchen as it does not occupy space and the small equipment is essential for your day to day routines.

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  • 1.8L Electric Kettle
  • Black and Red Color
  • Rapid Boil
  • Food Grade PP Plastic
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Boil-Dry Protection
  • 1500W Power
  • Waterproof Temperature Controller
  • Indicator Light


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