Children Covid-19 Face Shield

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Children Covid-19 Face Shield

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Just clean after each use.

Personal Protective gear for health workers and other
professionals or individuals 

Perfect for everyday use for individuals and families to
reduce the risk of infectious droplets in the air.

Made with high-quality plastic for full coverage

It does not cause chaffing or irritation on the forehead area.

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Re-usable Protection Anti-droplets transparent material to
provide 180 degrees coverage, safety, and EXTRA PROTECTION from infectious
virus droplets in the air.

The frame is made of high-quality plastic material that
protects the face and prevents viruses or bacteria droplets from getting into
the ears, mouths, and nose.

Provides full-face coverage for laboratory and health workers
and other professions where extra protection is needed.

Suitable for Children and Adults to use in public and at home

No assembly required. Just purchase and wear.

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